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Foundations of Software Security
USF CIS 6930, Spring 2008


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Assignment I, due 03/03/08

Assignment II, due 03/19/08

Assignment III, due 03/31/08

Assignment IV, due 04/09/08


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Schedule (filled in as the semester progresses)

Dates Topics Reading
01/07 Introduction: policies and mechanisms Class notes
01/09 Policies; properties Fred B Schneider. Enforceable Security Policies. TISSEC 2000.
01/14 Runtime monitors Ligatti, Bauer, and Walker. Enforcing Nonsafety Security Policies with Program Monitors. ESORICS 2005.
01/16 Stack inspection; policy-specification languages Erlingsson and Schneider. IRM Enforcement of Java Stack Inspection. S&P 2000.
01/23 Policy composition; policy-specification languages Bauer, Ligatti, and Walker. Composing Expressive Run-time Security Policies. To appear in TOSEM.
01/28 Backdoors; DRM (1) Ken Thompson. Reflections on Trusting Trust. CACM 1984.
(2) Halderman and Felten. Lessons from the Sony CD DRM Episode. USENIX Security 2006.
01/30 Buffer overflows (1) Aleph One (a.k.a. Elias Levy). Smashing the Stack for Fun and Profit. Phrack 1996. [Obvious note: Do not exploit vulnerabilities on systems you do not own.]
(2) Cowan, Pu, Maier, Hinton, Walpole, Bakke, Beattie, Grier, Wagle, and Zhang. StackGuard: Automatic Adaptive Detection and Prevention of Buffer-Overflow Attacks. USENIX Security 1998.
02/04 Control-flow integrity Abadi, Budiu, Erlingsson, and Ligatti. Control-flow Integrity: Principles, Implementations, and Applications. To appear in TISSEC.
02/06 Memory integrity Govindavajhala and Appel. Using Memory Errors to Attack a Virtual Machine. S&P 2003.
02/11 SQL-command injections I (1) Halfond, Viegas, and Orso. A Classification of SQL Injection Attacks and Prevention Techniques. ISSSE 2006.
(2) Su and Wassermann. The Essence of Command Injection Attacks in Web Applications. POPL 2006.
02/13 SQL-command injections II Halfond, Orso, and Manolios. Using Positive Tainting and Syntax-Aware Evaluation to Counter SQL Injection Attacks. FSE 2006.
02/18 Cross-site scripting (1) Vogt, Nentwich, Jovanovic, Kirda, Kruegel, and Vigna. Cross-Site Scripting Prevention with Dynamic Data Tainting and Static Analysis. NDSS 2007.
(2) Jim, Swamy, and Hicks. Defeating Script Injection Attacks with Browser-Enforced Embedded Policies. WWW 2007.
02/20 Intrusion detection Wagner and Dean. Intrusion Detection via Static Analysis. S&P 2001.
02/25 Cryptographic protocols Anderson and Needham. Programming Satan's Computer. Computer Science Today 1995.
02/27 Deductive systems; Transition judgments Andrew Appel's notes on deductive systems
03/03 Concrete and first-order abstract syntax PL handout: Packets I and II. These packets are taken from earlier editions of Practical Foundations for Programming Languages by Robert Harper.
03/05 Higher-order abstract syntax; lambda calculus PL handout: Packet III
03/19 Lambda calculus; MinML; static semantics PL handout: Packet IV
03/24 Static semantics PL handout: Packet IV
03/26 Dynamic semantics; Type safety PL handout: Packet V
03/31 Type safety PL handout: Packet V
04/02 Mutable storage PL handout: Packet VI
04/07 Typed assembly language Morrisett, Walker, Crary, and Glew. From System F to Typed Assembly Language. POPL 1998.
04/09 Proof-carrying code George Necula. Proof-carrying Code. POPL 1997.
04/14 Noninterference and information flow Geoffrey Smith. Principles of Secure Information Flow Analysis. Malware Detection 2007.
04/16 Fault tolerance Walker, Mackey, Ligatti, Reis, and August. Static Typing for a Faulty Lambda Calculus. ICFP 2006.
04/21 Student presentations
04/23 Student presentations