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Foundations of Software Security
USF CIS 6930, Spring 2012


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Schedule (filled in as the semester progresses)

Dates Topics Reading
01/09 Introduction and definitions Class notes
01/11 Security definitions and models Sections 1-2, Section 3.0 to Theorem 3.1, Section 3.2 to Theorem 3.3, and Section 4 of Run-time Enforcement of Nonsafety Policies
01/18 Definitions and models A Theory of Runtime Enforcement, with Results
01/23 Stack inspection; policy-specification languages IRM Enforcement of Java Stack Inspection
01/30 Vulnerability trands; Buffer overflows (1) 2011 CWE/SANS Top 25 Most Dangerous Software Errors
(2) StackGuard: Automatic Adaptive Detection and Prevention of Buffer-Overflow Attacks
02/01 Code injections Defining Code-injection Attacks
02/06 XSS Defeating Script Injection Attacks with Browser-Enforced Embedded Policies
02/08 Usability (1) Using Data Type Based Security Alert Dialogs to Raise Online Security Awareness
(2) On the Challenges in Usable Security Lab Studies: Lessons Learned from Replicating a Study on SSL Warnings
(Please only turn in a summary for the first of these two papers.)
02/13 Web-commerce security How to Shop for Free Online: Security Analysis of Cashier-as-a-Service Based Web Stores
02/15 Game security OpenConflict: Preventing Real Time Map Hacks in Online Games
02/20 Search-engine Tricks SURF: Detecting and Measuring Search Poisoning
02/22 Search-engine Tricks Cloak and Dagger: Dynamics of Web Search Cloaking
02/27 Mobile Security Mobile Security Catching Up? Revealing the Nuts and Bolts of the Security of Mobile Devices
02/29 Mobile Security Android Permissions Demystified
03/05 Student Presentations (Project-proposal presentations)
03/07 Student Presentations (Project-proposal presentations)
03/19 Privacy I Still Know What You Visited Last Summer: Leaking browsing history via user interaction and side channel attacks
03/21 GPS Spoofing On the Requirements for Successful GPS Spoofing Attacks
03/26 Noninterference and information flow Principles of Secure Information Flow Analysis
03/28 Cryptographic protocols Programming Satan's Computer
04/02 Control-flow integrity Control-Flow Integrity: Principles, Implementations, and Applications
04/04 Non-control Data Attacks Modular Protections against Non-control Data Attacks
04/09 Temperature (physical) attacks (1) Using Memory Errors to Attack a Virtual Machine
(2) Lest We Remember: Cold Boot Attacks on Encryption Keys
(Please choose either of these two papers to summarize.)
04/11 Backdoors Reflections on Trusting Trust
04/16 Student presentations (Final project presentations)
04/18 Student presentations (Final project presentations)
04/23 Student presentations (Final project presentations)
04/25 Student presentations (Final project presentations)