Xinming (Simon) Ou

Xinming (Simon) Ou

Professor and Associate Chair of Graduate Affairs
Computer Science and Engineering
University of South Florida
4202 East Fowler Avenue, ENG 030
Tampa, FL 33620
+1 813 974 4522
xou AT usf DOT edu

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I am broadly interested in research that addresses pressing-need cybersecurity challenges. I am especially interested in research problems that arise from practical domains, with a focus on both experimental/empirical study and sound theoretical footings. My research findings have led me to the current interests in human-centric approach to security and computing in general. Computing is now so intimately integrated with all aspects of our social fabrics and this requires computing solutions be considered within the larger human/social contexts. We work with colleagues in anthropology and other social sciences backgrounds, to investigate security phenomena emanating within these larger contexts — from security operation centers to software development companies.

In the past I have studied various forms of logical techniques in security analysis of complex systems, which led to the MulVAL network security analyzer, and the SnIPS intrusion analysis tool. Papers about my research can be found at my publications page. More information about my research will be added to this page. Meanwhile you are welcome to visit the website of my research group Argus. I am always looking for capable, dedicated, and hard-working students who want to solve real-world computing problems.



I am fortunate to work with these talented students.
  • Guojun (Luis) Liu (PhD)
  • Parvaneh Aghajani (PhD)
  • Kumar Shashwat (PhD)


  • Armin Ziaie Tabari (PhD, 2021. Security Researcher, OPSWAT)
  • Anwesh Tuladhar (PhD, 2021. Research Scientist, Facebook)
  • Jaleel Ahmed (MS, 2019. Software Engineer, Cerner)
  • Yuping Li (PhD, 2018. Security Engineer, Pinterest)
  • Xiaolong (Daniel) Wang (PhD, 2018. Sr. Security Engineer, TuSimple)
  • Fengguo Wei (PhD, 2018. Software Engineer, Google)
  • Richard Habeeb (MS, 2018. PhD Student, Yale University)
  • Sathya Chandran Sundaramurthy (PhD, 2017. Senior Security Engineer, Netflix)
  • Alexandru Bardas (PhD, 2016. Assistant Professor, University of Kansas)
  • Ali Ali (Undergraduate Student)
  • Jacob Case (Undergraduate Student, 2013-2015)
  • Jordan DeLoach (Undergraduate Student)
  • Ian Unruh (Undergraduate Student, 2012-2014)
  • Su Zhang (PhD, 2014. Security Architect,
  • Matej Dolezal (Exchange Student from Czech Technical University, 2013-2014)
  • Loai Zomlot (PhD, 2014. Senior Software Engineer, Microsoft)
  • Brian Cain (MS, 2014)
  • Kui Luo (PhD student 2009-2012)
  • Heqing Huang (PhD student 2010-2012)
  • Dustin Seabourn (Bachelor, Spring 2012)
  • Cory Hardman (Bachelor, Dec 2011)
  • Nataraj Sundar (MS, 2011)
  • Murali Vupputuri (MS, 2011)
  • Tsung-Hsi Wu (MSE, 2010)
  • Sakthiyuvaraja Sakthivelmurugan (MS, 2009)
  • Robert Christie (Bachelor, Spring 2009)
  • Ashok Varikuti (MS, 2009)
  • John Homer (PhD, 2009. Faculty at Abilene Christian University)
  • Abhishek Rakshit (MS, 2008)
  • Hussain Almohri (MS, 2008)
  • Bart Carroll (Bachelor, Fall 2007)

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